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Aero 26, 127 CFM

Aero 31, 127 CFM
Attix 33, 148 CFM
Attix 44, 148 CFM

B100 - 120v, 260 CFM
B200 - 240v, 260 CFM

B1000 - 120v, 315 CFM

T48 - 240v, 222 CFM
3997 - 480v, 780 CFM


460 - 19"
550 - 22"
650 - 25"
750 - 31"
880 - 35"

250 - 10"


Avenger, Lavina
HTC, Husqvarna
Scanmaskin, Mastercraft
STI, Terrco, Prepmaster
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Floor Machines - Main Menu  >  Avenger 250, 10" Direct Drive Grinder/Polisher/Edger

Avenger Logo.Design, Engineered & Assembled in USA.Edge, Grind, Polish, Coating Removal
- Within 1/8" Along the Wall -

Direct Gear Drive - No Belts

Levetec Engineered.  Proudly Built in the USA.

Best Productivity Speed, Features, Specifications --- 2-Year Warranty
Easiest to Use and Maintain
[Zero (0) Maintenance]

Complete with Easy to Use & Change
Magnetic "Instant Change" Diamond Tooling, Velcro Adapters (3) Included!

(Also accepts Husqvarna Diamond Tools)


AVENGER 250, 10" Grinder, Polisher, Edger


Avenger 250 USA Built 10" Floor Grinder/Polisher/Edger.


•  9.95" Path Width / Magnetic Plate, 130 lbs.
•  Grind, Edge, Polish, Remove Coatings all 1/8" from the wall
•  2.0 HP 3-phase motor with automatic 1-phase 120 volt conversion
•  Var Spd, Forward & Rev, 2 Gal Water Tank
•  Uses same diamond tooling as the larger Avenger grinders, including:  Magnetic Trapezoid & Husqvarna diamond tooling and includes the 3" Velcro adaptors (3) for resins pads.

Magnetic Interchangeable Tooling System - Metals to Resins.




Avenger A250 - 10", 120 Volt, Direct Drive - Grinder, Edger, Polisher


AVENGER - Heavy-Duty, Continuous-Duty, No Overheating
-- 110 volt machine to grind, coating removal and polish 1/8" from a wall!
-- And built exactly like the larger Avenger Planetary Grinder Machines!  

Direct Drive - Grind, Edge, Polish
•  Harden steel gear drives the head - No unexpected repairs - completely gear driven
•  Majority of the 250's weight is where it matters most - the grinding head
•  Design provides highest production rate in its class (see production rates below)
•  Complete with Magnetic Plates - uses both Avenger AND Husqvarna Diamond Tools
   (Levetec brand, Made in USA Diacrete
® Diamond Tooling is 1/3 the price of Husqvarna.)

Versatile - Perfect for Concrete, Stone, Terrazzo & Wood -
•  Perform Coarse Grinding, Epoxy/Coatings Removal, Polishing, Sanding, Maintenance - with one machine!
•  Equipped with Instant Change Magnetic Plate & Velcro Adapters (3).

Powerful, Versatile, Durable 3-Phase Motor w/ Variable Speed, Forward & Reverse -
Continuous-Duty Avenger Three-Phase Motor.•  3-phase motors are incredibly superior to 1-phase, they have NO: 
   >  Starting windings - which operate at very high temperatures
   >  Capacitors, switches or brushes - to replace
   >  Only wear part is the two bearings on the drive shaft
•  Equipped with Phase Converter that automatically convert 3-phase to 1-phase
•  NET RESULT:  Increased productivity, longer tooling life and decades of motor life!



Two Year Avenger Warranty Image.Best Built Floor Machine in America -- Backed by Levetec’s 2-Year "Bump-to-Bumper" Warranty.  

Avenger Service Department - all parts and accessories are in stock as well as certified mechanics and engineers to provide the best possible care and attention to your Avenger machines.  Additionally,  we service competitive brands, typically replacing their imported parts with USA Made Parts.

If you have any questions concerning your equipment please contact our Service Department.


Levetec Engineering is Our Strength

Overcoming issues and introducing new innovations for the benefit of our customers.

We listen ... then build.



Avenger Superior Built Image.

Model 250 --- 10" Grinder, Polisher, Edger
-- Designed & Built in the USA ---

Solid construction, portable, versatile - most edgers are single speed and are only used for edging — the Avenger S250 plugs into a standard 15A wall outlet and with its HD powerful and variable speed 3-phase motor you can also grind, scrap and polish ~ all within 1/8" from the wall and with the dust skirt mounted!

Complete with swivel wheels for adjusting to difficult turns and tight spaces, vacuum port provides superior dust control and the 250 uses the same magnetic plate and diamond tools as the larger Avenger floor machines.

No more grueling edge work on hands and knees!  The ultimate choice when it comes to high performance, efficiency, versatility and especially productivity and durability!  Add in Levetec's engineering that uses NO expensive parts to replace and its easy to see why we provide a 2-Year “Bump-to-Bumper” Warranty.



What's the real cost of preparing a floor?

COST OF EDGING Using a traditional hand grinder?
Removing a coating? Polishing a concrete floor?
Studies show it is 45% of the labor!
If you're a one man operation that's half your time on your knees!

Traditional ... edging with a hand grinder.•  Not to mention that someone is hurting their back and knees
•  With concrete polishing, edging is necessary for EVERY STEP - every type of diamond and every grit ...

•  More News:  Hand grinders produce a different scratch pattern than a stand-up grinder which requires more time is needed for blending.

  Depending on the job ... edging can increase labor to over 60%!

•  With the Avenger 250 Grinder you are standing up AND you can can grind, polish and remove coatings all to within 1/8" of the wall!

•  This reduces your labor and cost to complete a room from anywhere between 30% to 60% versus being on your knees.



WHY CHOOSE AVENGER? How & where is your floor grinder made?
HD All-American Components Built into Every Avenger Floor Machine.

Made In USA Flag.Ask about the components built into your next grinder ... the internal components.  It's what you can’t see that separates an Avenger from the competition.

High Quality, USA Made vs. Imported ...
Good Advice:  Buy from the Trusted Source - Buy American, Levetec Avenger Grinders.


Avenger All-Steel Harden Gears.Planetary Gear-Driven Construction - All steel, case-hardened gears power the three (3) individually rotating diamond heads and the counter rotating gear box.  The high precision, oil bath, CNC aluminum gearbox provides superior cooling.  There are no drive belts in any Avenger!  Besides not having job delays to replace a snapped belt, realistically, case-harden steel gears are far superior than a fiber belt.

Additional Advantages -- of the Counter Rotating "Avenger" Gear System:
Three (3) "gear driven" diamond heads spin in unison in "one" direction, and the gear box rotates in the opposite direction.  This true counter rotating "planetary" transmission provides the following:

•  Easy to operate and handle -- less operator fatigue
•  Eliminates uneven scratch patterns which is a common characteristic of non-planetary or single, double and even 4-headed machines!
•  Delivers more power and provides more effective grinding pressure using less weight -- all because of precision engineering.


Magnetic Instant-Change Tool Mounting System -

Magnetic Interchangeable Tooling System - Metals to Resins.Diacrete USA Diamond, Husqvarna - Metal, Double BarAvengers - built to be affordable!  Each Avenger grinder accepts standard Trapezoid diamonds, Husqvarna Redi-Lock® Diamonds and 3" standard Resin Diamonds.  To see exactly how easy it is, watch the following video:  http://www.levetec.com/Videos/Magnet%20Mount.mp4

Diacrete USA Diamond, Avenger - Metal, Double RoundLevetec Diacrete® Diamond Tooling, which is also Made in the USA, is 1/3 the price vs. all the well-known competitive brands < Click here for USA Diamond Tooling >



Adventure All-Steel Gears - Aluminum HousingEasy & Minimal Maintenance - No need for frequent maintenance required or snapped belts to replace.  First oil change is 500 hours, thereafter 1000 hours --- remove the bottom oil seal, drain, fill accordingly, reseal, done.

No other maintenance is required.  Avengers are built to last decades with this maintenance schedule.

All CNC Machined --- Even the frame is CNC'd - Nothing is Fabricated and NO BELTS that wear!  


Avenger - USA Control Module.American-Made Controls - the action is in your hands all the time!  Forward, reverse, on/off, variable speed - very precise RPM, to within 1% (300 - 1250 RPM.)

Avenger Motor Control Unit - Rated for harsh dust and water environments.Indestructible Electronics - the control units on all the Avengers are rated for harsh environments where water and dust protection are mandatory --- it is impossible for dust or water to seep into them --- same as on a boat!

Electronics are completely sealed and protected but not "heat" sealed --- the electronics are not enclosed in a box - best heat transfer & cooling design in the Industry.

Maximum Cooling Protection - Heat sinks on Avengers are exposed to the open air, allowing heat to dissipate naturally - with competitive brands everything is sealed in a cabinet (heat builds up and everything stills gets dusted.)




Avenger 250 USA Built 10" Direct Drive Floor Grinder/Polisher/Edger.


Average Grinding Production Rates Per Day

Marble:  700 - 870 ft²
Terrazzo:  1400 - 1820 ft²
Granite:  470 - 570 ft²
Concrete:  2400 - 3260 ft²
Glue Removal:  870 - 1390 ft²
Paint Removal:  1490 - 3390 ft²

*Production rates may vary according to surface conditions, diamonds used, equipment operator, etc.

Compatibility, Dust Extractor Models Avenger B100, B200, B1000
Nilfisk S3B, S3, T48
Voltage, Input 120 Volt 15 Amp Single-Phase
Power, Motor Three-Phase, 2.0 HP AC
Weight, lbs. 130
Variable Speed, RPM 300-1250, on the grinding head
Water Tank, gallon 2.0
Magnetic Plates 9-7/8"
Diamond Tooling, Metal 3 per Magnetic Plate
Accepts:  Trapezoids, standard M6 3-hole threaded round pattern, Husqvarna Tooling - all snap to the magnetic plates
Diamond Tooling, Resin

3 per Magnetic Plate
Accepts:  3" Round
Aluminum Velcro Adapters (included, 3), snap to the magnetic plates

All standard diamond tools attach to the standard diamond plates.

All standard types of diamond tools can be used with the magnetic plates:
Trapezoids, Round & Resin Polishing Pads.


Diamond Tools for Floor Machines Floor Maintenance & Specialty Stone Care Certified HEPA Dust Extractors Densifiers, Colors & Other Chemicals Electrical Power Cords
Diamond Tools for Floor Machines.
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Floor Maintenance & Specialty Stone Care Products.

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Certifified Surface Preparation Dust Extractors.

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