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B100 - 120v, 260 CFM
B200 - 240v, 260 CFM

B1000 - 120v, 315 CFM

T48 - 240v, 222 CFM
3997 - 480v, 780 CFM


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Vacuums  >  Avenger B1000 Dust Extractor

Made In USA Flag.Avenger Logo.

HEPA Dust Extractor
Reverse Air Pulse Self-Cleaning Filtration

Levetec Engineered.  Proudly Built in the USA.

OSHA "3-Stage" Silica Dust Compliant
+ Self-Cleaning without using Electronics

Intelligent Airflow Design for Sustained Suction Power
+ Powerful De-Dusting Self-Cleaning Filtration


AVENGER - Reverse Air-Pulse Self-Cleaning


Avenger B1000 USA Made Self-Cleaning Dust Extractor.


•  13.8 HP, 14.9 Amp, 120 Volt,  Single-Phase Motor (1)
•  150 - 315 CFM, 130.0" H20
•  Reverse Air Filter Self-Cleaning
•  Automatic Voltage / Amp Draw Correction
•  Dual Filtration, Variable Speed Brushless Motor 
•  2" x 25' Hose, Chrome Nozzle Kit
•  Plastic Bag Longopac Dispensing
•  Full 2-Year "Bumper-to-Bumper" Warranty
•  Made in USA.




Avenger B1000 Dust Extractor, 120 Volt Single-Phase, 150 - 315 Variable Speed CFM


American Components Built into every Avenger Dust Extractor
-- Power to vacuum faster and longer with maximum sustained performance 

Powerful USA Designed & Built Electro Motors -
Avenger B1000 "easily" handles a 26" concrete grinder.•  5000 hour Brushless Motor - Outlasts the competition 10:1
•  B1000 operates from a standard 120 volt, 15 amp circuit
•  2-stage simultaneous suction and air cooling provides longer operating times and years of motor life
•  USA Made Motor - with a Higher Metal Content (better quality) - provides a smoother and cooler operating motor for impressive and longer lasting performance.

Maintained Extreme Suction when Vacuuming Ultra-Fine Powders -
•  Each component --- motor, filter, size of the container, gaskets, etc. are meticulously sized to work together
•  Oversize filter + precision fittings are engineered for superior debris extraction while maintaining powerful and consistent suction performance with less filter purging (less work stoppage to purge the filter.)
•  NET RESULT:  Improved performance & productivity, less operator filter maintenance.

Low Amp Draw USA Energy Controls with Heat & Back Flow Protection -
•  Clean, Effortless Balance of Voltage from both Single & Three-Phase Power
Automatic Voltage / Amp Draw Correction handles insufficient power supplies while reducing motor demand and amp draw without operator intervention.


Equipped with Variable Speed CFM

150 - 315 Fine Tuning CFM 

BENEFITS -- Being Able to Adjust the CFM:

  • Coarse Grinding - By spreading sand or leaving some dust on the floor it helps the diamonds cut better.  With the B1000's variable speed CFM dial you are able to control how much dust remains on the floor by simply adjusting the dial.

  • Incorrect Diamond Bond/Grit - when the floor's hardness does not match the diamonds you have, adjusting the CFM helps - this specially includes your finishing results when using the resin polishing pads.

  • Less Filter Blinding - while diamond life and finishing results all improve with variable speed CFM, stopping to purge the filters is greatly reduced;  hence, productivity improves.

  • Less Amp Draw - Slightly lowering the CFM reduces amp draw which will help when working from a weak 15 amp circuit breaker.



Two Year Avenger Warranty Image.Best Built Dust Extractor - Domestic or International - and Backed by Levetec’s 2-Year "Bump-to-Bumper" Warranty.  

Avenger Service Department - all parts and accessories are in stock as well as certified mechanics and engineers to provide the best possible care and attention to your Avenger machines.  Additionally,  we service competitive brands, typically replacing their imported parts with USA Made Parts.

If you have any questions concerning your equipment please contact our Service Department.

Levetec Engineering is Our Strength

Overcoming issues and introducing new innovations for the benefit of our customers.

We listen ... then build.




Model B1000 --- Reliable, Powerful Industrial Vacuum
-- Durable,
Brushless 5000 Hour USA Motor, 2-Stage HEPA Dust Extractor - for the Most Demanding Surface Preparation Projects

Avenger Superior Built Image.Solid, Built-Tough, Compact Construction.  Built for performance as much as durability, portability and functionality.  All competitor design limitations have been addressed including greater and maintained suction performance while operating from a 15 Amp 120 Volt Circuit!

Add in Levetec's engineering that uses NO expensive parts to replace, its easy to see why we provide a 2-Year “Bump-to-Bumper” Warranty.



For Your Money — What Parts Do You Want Built into Your Dust Extractor?
HD All-American Components Built into Every Avenger Vacuum.

USA Avenger motors - "high metal content" vs. low price and low quality.

B1000 "Brush less" MotorB1000 "Brushless" Motor - 10:1 life vs. Universal "Carbon Brush" Motor.

10 times longer life vs. Universal "Carbon Brush" Motor
- 5000 Hours -

Vacuum Motor Image.

Universal "Carbon Brush" Motor
- 500 Hours -

USA Avenger "high quality" capacitor vs. "imported" and low quality.

Vacuum Capacitor Image.

The capacitor is what provides the motor the boost it needs at start-up.

Avenger Dust Extractors use the same filters as Ermator / Husqvarna

(we make our own)

S-Series Main Filter.

HEPA Filter.  Fits Avenger B-Series, Ermator S-Series, Nilfisk T48.

Longopac Bags, 4 ctn box.

Made In USA Flag.Ask about the components built into your next vacuum ...

It's the internal components, the things you can’t see that separate an Avenger from the competition.

High Quality, USA Made vs. Imported ...

Good Advice:  Buy from the Trusted Source - Buy American, Levetec Avenger Vacuums.




•  Concrete Grinding:  Easily handles a 26" Floor Grinder

•  Longo Pac Continuous Bagging System

•  Air Reverse Filter Cleaning - powerful air bursts easily cleans the main filter without removing the motor head (photo, below right)

•  Brushless 5000 Hour USA Made Motor for extreme powerful performance

•  Variable Speed CFM Control Dial

•  Pleated Conical Main Filter

•  HEPA Secondary Filter -- All assembled to ensure steady, even airflow during operation while retaining 99.97% of particles down to 0.05 micron in size.



Avenger USA Control Power Box.

HD USA Control Box
Provides clean, effortless balance of power from either single or three-phase power, automatically adjusting for incoming power limitations.

Longopac - Convenience debris collection and disposal system.

Longopac Debris Collection
For dust-free, OSHA-compliance.

Avenger Air Burst Controller to activate Air Reversal Filter Purging.

Air-Burst Controller
Sends powerful bursts of air down through the main filter to effectively remove even damped caked debris from deep inside the filter's pleats.




Avenger B1000 USA Made Self-Cleaning Dust Extractor.


Complete with 2" x 25' Hose, Longpac Dispensing System &  Chrome Nozzle Tool Kit -

Chrome Nozzle Tool Kit.

Compatibility, Floor Grinder 25" - 31" Diameter
Voltage 120 Volt
Power 1-Phase, 2.0 HP, 14.9 Amp
Air Flow 315 CFM
Water Lift 130.0"
Noise Level 71 dB(A)
Container Capacity Longo Bag
Dimensions 31.5" x 23.6" x 51.2"
Shipping Weight 141 lb.
Electrical Approval ETL-C, 30' Grounded Power Cord
Inlet Diameter 2.00"
Main Filter Area 18 ft²
HEPA Filter Area 9 ft²
Collection Type Dry
Hose 2" x 25' w/ Fittings
Chrome Wands & Tools
Warranty 2 Year



Main Pleated Filter
Fits Avenger B-Series & Ermator S-Series Dust Extractors
Longopac Replacement Bags
Fits any Vacuum with LongoPac Dispenser
HEPA Cartridge Filter
Fits Avenger B-Series & Ermator S-Series Dust Extractors
S-Series Main Filter. Longopac Bags, 4 ctn box. HEPA Filter.  Fits Avenger B-Series, Ermator S-Series, Nilfisk T48.
#200900050     $170.00
18 SqFt Filter Surface Area

4 Count Box
99.95% @ 0.3 Micro
9 SqFt Filter Surface Area





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Levetec Product Logo
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